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At DMO Accountants, our aim is to provide more value to you and your business.  Therefore, we don't just offer accountancy services, we also offer Business Advice and Business Consultancy Services.


As a client of DMO Accountants, we will already ensure that you are operating your business in the most tax efficient way possible.

Business Consultancy is about more than that.  As a small to medium sized business you want to ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible, maximising sales opportunities and systems are in place to ensure success.

First we offer a free business review, this will include;

Detailed website review

A website is the first port of call for a potential customer - let us assist in making sure it is optimised for SEO, usability and experience.

Detailed business procedure review

A business needs system in place that automates procedures so you can focus on more important matters such as...


Are you successfully marketing correctly?  Is everything in place to ensure new leads are being generating?

Detailed Sales Analysis

A new customers is awesome - but is there potential in adding more revenue streams from exsisting customers?


After this, we can formulate a plan to move forward to ensure success and growth in your business.  This will include the preparation of an achievable plan with achievable goals.  As part of our business advisor package, this will also include a monthly meeting to talk through the strategy!

So how to you sign up?  Click below to contact us in the following ways;


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If you are interested in effective tax planning and reduced accountancy costs then call us to arrange a free business and tax review. We are a small family run company Located in Higham Ferrers and Welingborough, with clients all over the UK thanks to our excellent reputation.

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